Our Story

Hair and beauty products that fit your vegan lifestyle


"When I became vegan several years ago, my eyes were opened wide to the abuse animals suffer in order to produce meat and other animal products for humans. My research had me looking closer at my own hair and beauty products -- products filled with ingredients I couldn't pronounce, let alone identify.


Armed with my new knowledge, I was inspired to launch Vegan Organics."


- Andrea, Vegan Organics founder


Today, Vegan Organics brings you products that are organic, plant-based, and cruelty-free. It can be a hassle to read through all those ingredients when you're shopping, but the knowledge that our products are organic and contain no animal products or chemicals should already give you peace of mind. We're also happy to tell you what's inside each Vegan Organics product -- and do.


Though our products are not just for Vegans, they are for anyone who wants to reap the benefits of using natural organic hair and beauty products.


Our current product line includes luscious hair oils and healing face oils.


As Vegan Organics continues to grow, we welcome your input!


If you have product ideas or there are products you want us to stock, just let us know. We want to be your go-to provider of vegan hair and beauty products, so we'd love to hear your ideas for new products to come.


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